A project of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

A project of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

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,並看到您的專案成為現實! 從現場準備到通過最終檢查,您將與承包商保持聯繫,並就項目細節做出最終決定。


以下是有關ADU施工的一些最常見的問題。 請參閱下面的內容和我們的 ADU指南 ,以獲取有關該過程所有步驟的更多指導、資源和提示。

If you are not using a design/build firm, you will need to find a contractor to take over for the construction phase of your ADU.

First, you’ll solicit bids. See our Guidebook for more details on what you want to see in a bid, what other documentation to collect from potential contractors, and what to look for in your bidding candidates. You will want to get at least three bids for comparison.

When you have bids, you can begin selecting your contractor. See our Guidebook for more details on how to compare bids and choose the best option for you.

Before you hire a contractor, make sure to check their license and insurance and when they present you with a contract, review everything carefully. See our Guidebook for more details.

Construction costs for your ADU will vary significantly depending on personal preferences, site conditions, location, and many other factors. Despite what many think, smaller ADUs may cost almost the same as larger ones. Many costs like foundation, kitchen and bathroom work only increase slightly for larger ADUs. Kitchen costs will range from $25,000–$50,000 with each bathroom ranging from $15,000–$25,000.

Type:New construction, both detached and attached, tend to be the most expensive. Garage conversions are not much cheaper than new construction if at all. Conversions of interior space (basement or otherwise) are often the cheapest.

Other factors:

  • Quality of interior finish work and amenities
  • Architectural form and details
  • Extent of utility, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades required
  • Required site upgrades (sidewalks, sewer and water)
  • Whether sprinklers are required
  • Whether doors and windows meet emergency exit standards
  • Lot complexity (slope, trees, fault lines, etc.)

Traditional construction will take 6-12 months, though this will vary depending on the specifics of the project. Stages of construction include:

  • Site preparation: 1-2 months
  • Foundation: 1 month
  • Walls, roof, doors: 1-2 months
  • Plumbing & electrical: 1-2 months
  • Insulation & drywall: ½-1 month
  • Fixtures & finishes: 1-2 months
  • Final touches: ½-2 months

While your contractor will lead the construction process, you will have the following responsibilities:

  • Keep in touch with your contractor and set up a schedule for checking in.
  • Regularly walk through the construction area to monitor the quality of the work and make sure the work is progressing the way you expect.
  • Be prepared to make decisions about the details—light fixtures, appliances, and other materials—in a timely manner so your contractor can stay on schedule.
  • Follow the contract you agreed to, including any changes as described specifically in a change order form.
  • Although your contractor will usually arrange the required city or utility inspections, it is your responsibility as the property owner to make sure that the inspections are conducted as required.

Site-built/Traditional: A traditionally constructed ADU is designed and built specifically to your preferences and property and built on site (“stick-built”). This option allows for a lot of customization and smaller changes to be made throughout the construction process.

Prefabricated/panelized/modular: These ADUs are partially or mostly built in a factory, then shipped to your site to be put together. Sometimes the company will include all services in their fee (“turn-key”), including help with permitting and all on-site construction tasks (e.g., laying the foundation, utility hookups, etc.). Other times you’ll need to hire additional professionals to help.





如果您不使用設計/建造公司,則需要在ADU的施工階段僱用承包商。 您將使用設計師的圖紙從承包商那裡獲得投標,並確保您具體說明您希望每個投標包含的內容(許可證詳細資訊、保險資訊、過去工作示例等)。 您的設計團隊也許能夠為您提供説明。

最好在至少三個投標之間進行選擇,並且可以向承包商詢問澄清有關其投標的問題。 您的設計師或許可以説明您比較出價。 聯繫推薦人並考慮您與承包商的個人互動是個好主意——您會希望感覺你們合作得很好,並且他們瞭解您的目標。

請參閱我們的 指南 有關獲取投標和僱用承包商的更多詳細資訊。



一旦您獲得建築許可證,您僱用的承包商將領導您的ADU的建設。 在開始施工之前,請確保您已準備好所有資金。

經常與您的承包商溝通,根據需要做出有關固定裝置和飾面的決定,並在付款前驗證進度。 施工時程表各不相同,但 6-12 個月是相當普遍的。 查看有關管理施工的更多詳細資訊,請訪問我們的 指南


在施工期間,您的 ADU 將接受多次檢查,以確保其按照允許的計劃建造(典型的檢查包括基礎/基礎、框架、電氣/管道和外部飾面)。

許多城市都有在線入口網站或直接電話號碼來安排檢查。 通常,您和您的承包商有責任安排所有必需的檢查。 有關檢查清單以及如何安排,請聯繫您的建築部門。 在您的最終檢查獲得批准后,一些城市會頒發入住證明。 您的 ADU 已準備好入住!

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