A project of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

A project of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

1 开始

很多人认为,开始 ADU 项目是 “最有趣的部分”–这是你思考 ADU 将为你带来的价值、寻找设计和布局灵感,以及开始琢磨如何在你的房产上发挥作用的时候。


开始工作是规划阶段的一部分,通常需要 1-3 个月的时间。 大多数 ADU 项目需要 12-18 个月才能完成,但有些项目需要 24 个月或更长时间。


下面是一些关于入门的常见问题。 请参阅以下内容和我们的《ADU 指南手册》,了解有关该过程所有步骤的更多指导、资源和提示。

The best place to start is with thinking about what you want, understanding your goals and concerns, and looking at other ADUs for inspiration. Once you have some ideas in mind, you can consider your budget and move on to Learning the Rules to figure out what you can build on your property.

You can also use our Process-At-A-Glance resource for an overview of the steps and some initial issues to consider as you get started.

Building an ADU is an investment of time as well as money. Most projects take one to two years to complete. Typically, it takes homeowners one to three months to get started and assemble their team, then one to six months to develop plans, meet with staff, and submit the application. Depending on what permits are required, how many rounds of review are required and how quickly a homeowner and their project team can respond to comments, it will take one to six months to get permits. Construction usually takes six to twelve months.

You’re not required to tell your neighbors about your ADU, but it’s always a good idea to communicate with them early in the process. Your project will run more smoothly if they are kept informed, and they may have great ideas for your project!

If you live in a Neighborhood or Homeowners Association (HOA), talk with your representative or board early in the process. They can’t prevent you from building or renting an ADU, but they may have guidelines you’ll need to know for design and construction. Depending on where you live, staff may ask to see written review from your HOA.

Site-built/Traditional: A traditionally constructed ADU is designed and built specifically to your preferences and property and built on site (“stick-built”). This option allows for a lot of customization and smaller changes to be made throughout the construction process.

Prefabricated/panelized/modular: These ADUs are partially or mostly built in a factory, then shipped to your site to be put together. Sometimes the company will include all services in their fee (“turn-key”), including help with permitting and all on-site construction tasks (e.g., laying the foundation, utility hookups, etc.). Other times you’ll need to hire additional professionals to help.





首先要考虑您的 ADU 项目的短期和长期目标和关注点,以及哪种类型的 ADU 最符合您的需求。 我们的 “ADU练习“有一份清单,可以帮助您开始练习。 与已经建造了 ADU 的朋友和邻居交谈,并联系你认识的任何建筑商或设计师,随便聊聊。 请查看我们的ADU 故事平面图示例ADU 计划图库(即将推出!),寻找灵感。

请记住,一旦您聘请了专业人士,您的计划可能会发生变化。 就个人而言,最好将项目通知你的邻居(不是必需的,但建议这样做),并考虑与租户共享空间意味着什么(以及这是否会影响你的设计和布局)。



绘制房产的大致草图,包括现有房屋、任何其他建筑以及可能用作 ADU 的空间。 使用我们的ADU 练习来帮助您完成这一步骤。 (注:您可以在不断了解您的房产和可能的情况后,更新本草图或制作新版本)。



现在开始考虑和规划项目预算还为时不晚。 一个非常粗略的占位符是 每平方英尺 400-550 美元包括施工和其他费用(设计、费用等)。 实际数字可能差别很大,取决于许多因素。 圣克拉拉县 ADU 计算器是编制预算的一个很好的起点。 它提供了对成本和收入的粗略估算,并将帮助您了解随着时间的推移,您的选择会如何影响您的预算,所有这些都是根据当地的实际数字定制的。

更多信息,请参见预算与财务。 我们的指南还包含有关 ADU 设计、许可和建造成本的详细信息。


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