A project of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

A project of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative

About Santa Clara County ADU

supporting safe, secure, affordable housing for all

These resources were created to help residents of Santa Clara County through the entire process of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)—also known as second units, granny flats, backyard cottages, in-law units, or basement/garage apartments. These pages include a step-by-step approach to your ADU project (from ADU 101 to move-in) and provide links to helpful resources and tools along the way. Throughout this website, when you see “your City” or “the City” this also refers to the local governments for towns and unincorporated parts of the county. If you live outside city lines, you will follow the County’s standards. 

Santa Clara County ADU is one of many efforts of the Santa Clara County Planning Collaborative–a shared initiative among all the jurisdictions in Santa Clara County to help ensure that everyone in Santa Clara has access to a safe, secure, and affordable home that meets their needs. The Collaborative operates under the auspices of the Cities Association. By encouraging the development of ADUs, Santa Clara County communities can build new homes for our neighbors, children, and grandparents, helping our communities and our region thrive.

Participating Jurisdictions

Click on each logo below to see the local ADU webpage. Some locations have a summary of ADU rules and contacts on our ADU Rules page – check there first. 


Project Sponsors

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